Meet Our Team

"High quality, good service and competitive price explain how largely our tubes are accepted in many prestigious markets worldwide."

"Our tubes are going to stay with the end users for a while. I don't want the tube to leak inside consumer's bag or bother her every time she pulls it out of her purse with a printing defect. Yes, they are mass-produced, but we care for every single one as much as they are hand-made."
Nguyen Ngoc Hung - Production Manager - Plastic Extrusion and Injection Molding Specialist

"At Thinh An Saigon, we work as a team. Every process is equally important and if just one process has a fault, that ruins the product and wastes the effort of many others."
Phan Duc Trong - Printing Group Leader - Offset Printing Specialist

"I spend a great deal of time to make a new product stand out; because later on at the super market, a glance is all the time we have to convince a consumer to pick it up among hundreds of others."
Ngo Thu Huyen - Designer

"We are good at delivering exactly what our customers want, when they want it" 
Lyz Nguyen - Sales Executive