Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum quantity for order?
Our minimum is 20,000 tubes (caps included). For smaller quantity, please contact our staffs for special orders.

What is the lead time?
Pre-production lead time is 1 weeks (the time it takes us to start producing one item). Sea transportation time is approximately 30 days to American and European countries; approximately 20 days to Asian, African and Oceanic countries.

Would you test-print several different artworks for me before I place an order?
Yes, we would love to. We charge 600USD for each test-print; we call it the plate charge. If you place an order from a test-printed design, say 20,000 tubes, the plate charge of which is free.

How do I customize my own closures?
Each unique closure design needs a mold for mass production. We do not make our mold but we have partners who do, they are in Vietnam and in Korea. We can refer the mold-makers to you so that you can work directly with them or we can also work with them on your behalf. 
If you starting from an idea, we can help you put it down on paper as a blueprint. If you already have a drawing, you may send us along with preferred number of cavities; we will send you quote from different mold-manufacturers. It usually takes 30-45 days to develop a new mold, costing from 2,000 to 20,000 USD depending on size, number of cavities, quality and durability.

Do you make sprayer/pump closures?
No, we do not make sprayer/pump closures.
I need someone to fill the cream/gel/shampoo into the tubes then deliver to me as a finish product.
We can refer you to one of our partners for filling and sealing service. Please contact our staffs for assistance.

What is EVOH barrier?
5-layer sleeve with EVOH layer provides excellent barrier properties against the permeation of gases , superior to those of any other conventional polymer. The barrier prevents oxygen to easily penetrate the tube and spoil the contents. The EVOH layer provides an excellent barrier against the permeation of aromas. It also prevents the evaporation of chemical substances. In addition, 5-layer tubes with EVOH have excellent UV-resistance. Even when exposed to sunlight and outdoor conditions, the tube retains its color instead of turning yellowish. All these protective properties help assure that the product retains its value and effectiveness through out its life time.