Technical Terms

What is EVOH?
Superior Gas and Moisture Barrier Properties EVOH based 5 Layer Films provide excellent barrier properties against the permeation of gases, superior to those of any other conventional polymer. The gas barrier prevents oxygen to easily penetrate the package and spoil the contents. Barrier to Flavor Permeation An outstanding oxygen barrier will help food from spoilage and extend shelf life. Just as important is maintaining and protecting the flavor of the packaged food. Barrier to Aroma Permeation EVOH based 5 Layer films provides an aroma barrier for use in food and cosmetic packaging and for the packaging of agricultural chemicals. An EVOH layer provides an excellent barrier against the permeation of aromas. EVOH helps assure that the packaged product retains its value and effectiveness all the way to the consumer. Resistance to Solvents An EVOH layer offers very high resistance to hydrocarbons, oils and organic solvents. When EVOH is used in a multilayer structure; it prevents the evaporation of chemical substances. UV-Resistance EVOH based 5 Layer films display excellent UV-resistance. Even when exposed to outdoor conditions, the polymer retains its color. It will not turn yellow or become opaque. Mechanical property changes are minimal, demonstrating an overall high resistance to weather effects. Excellent Flex-crack Resistance High-barrier 5 Layer Films containing an EVOH layer have an excellent flex-crack resistance. The EVOH barrier layer makes sure that the integrity of the barrier remains unharmed during transport, handling and storage or even when the package is folded